Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review

£6.95 for 120g at my local LUSH store 

I have always been hesitant to use such fresh ingredients on my skin as I have always had sensitive, spot prone skin. However, this product is the second product of have used from LUSH, the first being the well known sugar scrub, but this product surprised me in ways I did not know possible. Recently my skin has been dull, and not foreign to the occasional break out or two, so when I fetched this out of the cupboard to give it a try the results that I found were incredible.

You massage this product into the face in circular motions on to a damp face and neck. Now, at first this felt a little weird as normal drug store facial scrubs have small beads that you can barely feel and a thin texture. On the other hand this scrub is thick, creamy and has sea salt particles to soften your skin while really cleaning out those pores. If you can handle the thickness of this product then for spot prone sensitive skin or for any skin type, this is for you. Personally once applying this I felt fresh faced and as if my face could breath again. I have since then reused this product on several occasions when my face feels dull, dry and all together not great and each time I seem to find great results. Now I know certain products work for me which wouldn't work for someone else, but there's no harm in giving this product a try and for the price it is affordable.