Friday, 24 May 2013

Avon Naturals- Apricot and Shea Shower Gel

Avon Naturals-
Apricot and Shea, Shower Gel
On Sale a while ago for £2.50

I am known to splash out a bit when it comes to Avon products, I have had my fair share of lipsticks, nail varnishes etc. But during the winter months that have just passed in the UK, I have become all too familiar with shower gels and bubble baths. This product in particular was on sale in the Bargain Book that you get at the end of seasons pretty much and I saw this and thought 'ooh that sounds like it would smell great', infused with apricot and shea, I couldn't resit it at the price of £2.50. Enough said lets get into first impressions and initial thoughts.

On first opening the shower gel I automatically smelt the apricot, not so much the shea, but when I applied it to the body and lathered it in, the shea butter left  my skin feeling soft, shiny in a good way, smelly fruity and of apricots. I've been using this range of shower gels on and off over the years but this has to be my favourite due to the smell and the great feeling it gives you afterwards. 

Why not give this a go, its in and out of the Avon brochure, but if you see it and the price is at your liking, go for it. I got it on sale but I would by this normal price as it is truly wonderful on the skin. 

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have tried this shower gel or if you're thinking of buying it. 

Stacey :D

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