Wednesday, 22 May 2013

MUA Nail Polish - Frozen Yoghurt

MUA Nail Polish in Frozen Yoghurt
£1 from Superdrug
When I saw this nail polish colour I had to buy it I love the MUA stand in Superdrug, I always find myself lured to it, with the new additions and the small prices. One thing that caught my eye other than the colour was the packaging they chose for the nail polish itself, it reminds me of the Essie nail polishes, which average around £7-8 depending where you purchase them from. However, I though being a new line these polishes would be good and for £1 what more could you ask for, well...

I found that you need to put rather a few layers on, two or three to really get that nail enamel like look. However, I saw that it wasn't very fast drying and after applying one or two coats of a top coat to further strengthen the look of the nails, a day down the line and what did I see? chips on the nails. I then left it a few weeks until I then tried the nail polish again to find that the second time was even worse. After applying the several coats and the top coat a few times, it just went blotchy and after an hour I thought that it looked dry, but no, these nails were still not dry and the result? Mushed up nails. Sorry for all the negatives guys but the only good thing about this nail polish is the colour, the packaging and the £1 price tag, however being a very cheap drug store nail polish this just isn't worth the effort of stroking on the nails. 

Shame really if only the formula was a little better, even if the formula was good and the price a little higher, that would do me. Oh well, at least you all know now, saves you the disappointment that got. Lovely colour though right? 

Hope you enjoyed
Stacey :D

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