Sunday, 19 May 2013

MUA: Undress Your Skin, Illuminating Foundation

MUA: Undress Your Skin,
Illuminating Foundation  in 'Porcelain'
Superdrug £5
Firstly, I'd like to point out the price of this foundation, '£5' what a bargain for a lightweight foundation, it's not just the price that had drawn me to this product, it was the idea of it being an 'illuminating foundation'. Now that spring is here in the UK I have been getting rather irritated with wearing heavy foundations, with the heat, well what heat we do get in the UK, I find that with my oily skin, it's just too much. With this cheap, lightweight foundation, it helps my skin and at the same because of it being an illuminating foundation 
, it brings out the glow within and displays your natural complexion.

On first application, I have to say I was a little stuck on how to apply it as it has a rather runny consistency, even for a foundation. The first time I applied it I used a foundation brush to buff it into the skin. However, I felt that because the foundation itself is of a thin consistency, the foundation didn't buff into the skin and didn't look well blended, it formed a white mask type of look. Although the first application didn't go too well, once I had used it again, instead of using a foundation brush I decided to use my hands, this helped the foundation blend well and gave an overall natural look.

Now its time for the negatives. I don't necessarily like to point out negatives of the products I use because I am a positive person (cheesy grin), but this foundation is said to cover up imperfections and blemishes, however, I suffer from problematic skin and this didn't do it for me, I could still see the imperfections. Another thing I found was with the colour, being pale I usually have Porcelain, but this Porcelain coloured foundation has a white wash effect to it if too much is applied, this then clings to dry patched, such as around the nose area and any dry areas where imperfections and blemishes are.

I must say for the price you can't grumble, I like this for an everyday light foundation, it's not the best, but it'll do for me. 

Give it a try for yourself and comment below, telling me you thoughts

Stacey :D

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