Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vaseline - Essential Moisture Lotion

Vaseline Essential Moisture
Lotion 400ml
This Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion that I have picked up from my local Tesco recently has had many of people's attention in the UK. With the Winter that has come and gone, we try our best to become Summer ready, and this lotion in particular has my attention with it's non-greasy formula and multi-layer ability to moisturise skin deep.

I must say it has a very fresh smell with pure oat extract within the formula makes moisturising my skin seem less of a chore, yes, I am only human, I am rather lazy with my routine at times. But who isn't? Since I have been using this everyday I have noticed such a difference in the way my skin feels, especially my legs as my knees have always been quite rough and it is the same for my elbows too, however, this lotion has greatly helped my dry knee and elbow situation. My favourite aspect of this product is that it is non-greasy (as it says in the image above) and this then helps when you are on the go you don't have to worry about that greasy after moisturising effect. 

I believe that for a 400ml I paid (on offer) £2.50 but on looking at the Tesco website I see that it is originally £4.20, don't quote me on that one but this offer more than excited me and now I know for future reference, not that I will run out of this bad boy any time soon.

If your interested please go grab this as the offer at your local Tesco may still be on, and there are also other  formula's such as Aloe Vera and one other that may also interest you.

Hope you enjoy.
Stacey :D

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