Monday, 10 June 2013

B. Pure Micellar Water

B. Pure Micellar Water
£3.32 Superdrug
This was a last minute purchase recently from Superdrug, I have heard of the brand B. before but have not necessarily purchased any of their items. When buying some other naughties from Superdrug the kind woman serving me was telling me all about this cleanser and what it does and that it was on offer for £3.32 and quite frankly she sold it to me right there and then. Something that rids you of make up and impurities in one step, yes please. Plus I have been looking for a cleanser that was for me as I have never really been into the whole cleanser thing, I'm old school at heart, give me a make up wipe and  face wash that'll do for me, but this cleanser for the great price and for being 3 in 1 has really changed my way of taking my make up off.

Another thing that I love about this cleanser is because it is for all skin types and it's quick and simple. You simply get a cotton pad, squirt the cleanser on the cotton pad and sweep over the face. However it says that there is no need for water, as you can see above, but I felt the need to use a wipe afterwards not to necessarily take make up off, because the cleanser does a great job of that, but for some reason I feel the cleanser takes a while to dry and can feel quite sticky and make the skin quite drying too once it does dry. But other than that I'm really glad I purchased this now, I think this will be my new cleanser that I purchase time and time again, as it's cheap and works amazingly and I have haven't had a bad break out since, it must be doing something right. 

Tell me in the comments below if you have tried this cleanser and what you think of it. 

Stacey :D

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