Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - No. 51 Light Vanilla

Bourjois Healthy Mix - No.51 Light Vanilla
£9.99 Suoerdrug
After blogging so much lately because I've literally been in the zone, I sat there writing down some idea and completely forgot to blog the most staple of products, this Healthy Mix foundation from Bourjois that I use most days. I must say I didn't give in to this one too easy when it came out. I waited and watched YouTube videos and read blog posts about it before I eventually went out and brought it. I needed a foundation that was good coverage, I'm not too fused about the whole full coverage thing because that's not me, but this is just right. I find if you want a medium coverage you can apply maybe two coats and the colour is a little more opaque on the skin.What I would say is that if you have oily skin you will definitely need a powder to put on top, because during the day it does get a little oily on the face. We don't want our face down our shirts do we? 

To conclude I would say that this isn't amazing coverage but it does give you a great glow and a medium coverage, smells good, not that the scent really matters, and I think it is good for durability with its pump because you don't use too much product and the bottle lasts quite a while. I've had this from the beginning of May and it's still going strong. I don't use this everyday as I switch it up now and again for the MUA Undress your Skin, Illuminating Foundation which is a lighter coverage. I tend to use the Healthy Mix on those not so good skin days and to go out with and find it last quite a while before you need to touch anything up. 

It's a great foundation for everyday or for a medium coverage on a night out. 
I hope you enjoyed,

Stacey :D

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