Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Clearasil Ultra - Overnight Serum 15ml

Clearasil Ultra - Overnight Serum, 15 ml
£1 Poundland
Now as you can see from the picture (^), this serum has definitely been loved, with its scruffy appearance with scratches and wounds. I literally swear by this product and to find it in Poundland about a year ago, how cheap, Clearasil is normally quite pricey for some things so I knew I had to get it.

As you all probably know, if you have been reading my previous posts about skin care, I have oily, spot prone skin, always have, always will probably. But there is nothing worse than getting a big spot on your forehead or chin or any other areas of the face, the night before you have a party, a dinner etc. This serum doesn't necessarily get rid of the problem straight away, but you pop a thin layer over the problem area the night before and in the morning the swelling and redness is gone, leaving just a little bump that can be easily covered with foundation or concealer. I have used this for a while now and it hasn't let me down yet. Even though it's 15 ml it lasts a hell of a long time and when travelling is small and compact. Perfect, redness removed and easy to carry, it's a win win. 

I believe this is still sold in Poundland, so don't be afraid to give it a try, as it works wonders for me and may work wonders for you too. 

Stacey :D

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