Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mascaras I Love...

Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express
Waterproof Superdrug £7.99
Well this mascara has been spoken about so much since it came out and I literally had no waterproof mascaras to my make up collection so I thought one day, what the heck I'm going to buy it. I think for the price tag of £7.99 this is great. The brush is amazing its bristles are fine but the wand just gives you that lift to your lashes that makes them look divine. I also love the funky packaging, I'm a sucker for packaging, if it looks good I must have it. I only use black mascaras so this one in extra black is just... WOW. Love it!

AVON Super Extend Mascara
A Gift 
The next mascara to my list is the AVON Super Extend mascara and I received this as a gift at Christmas just gone and I never thought anything of using it. One day I saw it in my make up bag that I cram everything into and decided to use it. I'm so glad I gave this one a try as it's an everyday mascara if I'm not using the Rimmel one below and I think it does what it says on the tin. The wand it quite slim but  is bigger at the top and goes in at the bottom slightly so you can really reach those tiny lases in the corners that most of the time refuse to be good. One thing I must say is that I find the formula a little too wet but once it is dry there isn't a problem. If this is still in the AVON book I will probably purchase it again sometime.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eye Opening  Mascara  in Black
Off local market for £1.99 

This one has been worn to death. I got this on a random day with my Mum in town and I just needed a new mascara and pronto, so I got this for around £1.99 and you know what? It hasn't failed me yet. It has a similar bristle on the end of the wand as the AVON one above but this is slightly thicker and the end is a little pointier to reach again those tiny lashes who are sometimes a little naughty. I have used this so so much but I have looked on the Superdrug website and I couldn't find this one, only ones who state they do the same so this one is probably going to be hard to find, but it is a brilliant everyday, slightly voluminous mascara that gives you all the lift you need for a natural look and to add to the greatness its build-able too for when you added WOW to the eyes.

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