Sunday, 2 June 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks - 060 Citrus Slice

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks - 060 Citrus Slice
Superdrug £7.19
Citrus Slice - 060
Firstly, lets just acknowledge the colour of this lipstick, how beautiful is it? Gosh I was just drawn to this one and the name and image suggests how delicious it smells, Citrus Slice? Yes please. This is a little pricey to be honest for what it is. It smells great, feels great on the lips and looks somewhat okay on the lips. The reason it doesn't really look amazing on the lips is because it has a similar feel of a chap stick that adds a hint of colour to the lips and I kept feeling the need to re apply, because after a short while it did feel a little dry but I do have rather lip quenching lips, I always feel the need for moisture. I mean it isn't that bad I think for an everyday subtle lipstick it does the trick, it is a summery colour and scent, it even has a handy little mirror in the cap to touch it up with and lets face it looks like a lolly pop, yum yum. Personally, I just think for the price tag of £7.19 I was expecting a little more, but in honesty I do want to try the other shades because they look lovely and daring, but now that I know they don't become full on when on the lips and just adds a tint or tinge, I may be brave enough to go for a bright pink or red. 
Bring on summery lips!

Stacey :D

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