Sunday, 16 June 2013

Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Mascara - 001 Extra Black

Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Mascara - 001 Extra Black
 £3.99 Superdrug
Well, I can honestly say that I have tried my fair share of mascara's over the years of me wearing make up, but I have never been one to even really look at a mascara before I buy it, I literally just look at the usual brands such as, Collection, Rimmel, Maybelline, MUA and Miss Sporty, but what I fail to grasp is what I want in a mascara. However, unlike like past purchases I really looked at this one, I liked the idea of this giving me 15 x more volume. Although at the time this product looked like a good idea, I don't think much of it in the long run and here's why...

The bristles on the brush are just way to big for me to function without it getting all over my lid or under the brow bone. I'm all for volume with lashes but this is just troublesome to use. When I first tried this I found that due to the bristle being too large, maybe this is a mascara you would use after a coat of a normal mascara as it does create volume, but not too much on it's own, bearing in mind I don't go crazy with mascara as it just wrecks my fragile eye lashes. I don't know, I will obviously use this up, I just think this would be perfect for those who like to layer the mascara up for volume. I just found this product disappointing because after a while, after just a few coats of this your lashes, the lashes seem to fall and not look so great. Also one other thing to mention is that I have now realised not to put this on the bottom lashes at all, I looked like a panda half way through the day, just a pre warning folks.

I think as a booster on top of a normal everyday mascara this would work great, however the bristle are far too big, it doesn't stay well on the lower lashes and your lashes fall half way through the day. The only thing I like about this mascara sadly is the chunky and funky packaging. Hopefully better luck next time with the mascara hunting, maybe I'll stick to what I know next time.

Hope you enjoyed
Stacey :D

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