Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sinful Colors Professionals - Ruby Ruby

Sinful Colors Professionals - Ruby Ruby
£1.99 Boots 
I stumbled across this nail polish on a whim walking through boots to look for some new members of my make up collection. What drew me to this nail polish was the colour, it's the perfect red nail polish, I'm not going to lie to you but the name of the nail polish 'Ruby Ruby'  made me want to buy it, it reminded me of the song Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs which I love, silly I know but that's the truth. The Sinful Color Professionals nail varnishes are new in boots at the moment and they have a huge array of colours to choose from, I may pop back in there and add to my nail collection even more, naughty naughty. 

Now, lets get to it. The application is pretty simple to be honest, its a very good formula in that I added one coat to my nails and it was straight away opaque. However, I was in a rush when I first ever applied this nail polish and I literally did one coat waited for it to dry, in which it took hardly any time at all, and applied my Collection 2 in 1 Topcoat and let it dry and I was out of the door. Due to it being a first impressions of the product I would say yes, after a day or two it had chipped slightly, however this was only because I had rushed and did one coat of the nail polish and added a top coat, which isn't my favourite top coat but does the job. I would recommend at least two coats, maybe three and then a good top coat, but other than that the range is cheap at £1.99, the colours are great and this nail polish is so timeless and beautiful.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this and tell me your experience with them and what top coat you would recommend as mine just doesn't do the trick.

Stacey :D

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