Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Top 5 Beauty Buys Over the Passing Months

Sudocrem 30g,
£2 Superdrug
First and foremost I would definitely say that Sudocrem has been a real saviour over the past month or so. This handy travel size tube has worked wonders for me. When the sun came out in the UK a couple of weeks ago I suffered from a slightly burnt nose, so before bed I'd put a thin layer on my nose and by morning it didn't hurt any more, but each night I would apply it until after about three days it had gone completely. I even used this on my forehead for sunburn too. Definitely a versatile product too.

FASHIONISTA Palette £2 on sale 
Top L-R - Golden Dragon, Gold Rush
Bottom L-R - Bronze, Nude
£2 each on offer Superdrug Website 
Next on my Top 5 Beauty buys is the FASHIONISTA four palette that I recently purchased on the Superdrug website. This brand had half price so I jumped at it. The blank four palette was £2.50 and the four individual eye shadows were £2 each. By far my favourites are 'Bronze' (bottom left of the palette), it's beautiful and 'Gold Rush' I use as a crease colour on top of 'Bronze' (Gold Rush top right of the palette). I literally use these shades the most. However the top left one called 'Golden Dragon' looked different on the website, I liked it but for me is hard to incorporate with my eye colour being green. The 'Nude' eye shadow (bottom right) however is a great base colour. I would recommend making your own palette because you can buy a palette and only like a few of the colours and it can be wasteful. 

Radox - Berry Burst, £1 Home Bargains or somewhere like that
Lets move on to bath time stuff... I've been using this over the course of the month, the Radox Berry Burst Shower Cream and it smells amazing! It says on the bottle that it contains 'Sumptuous Berries and Milk'. I literally have been lathering this stuff on to my skin each bath time and I am left feeling fresh and smelling like berries, it's a great feeling and it makes the bathroom smell delicious. This I think was around £1 from Home Bargains or somewhere like that but this has lasted me a while. Definitely will be repurchasing.

Calcot Manor Country Spa Retreat, The Perfect Day Body Scrub
  £3.99 Tesco 
One more bath product that I have been loving is the from the brand Calcot Manor Country Spa Retreat, it's The Perfect Day Body Scrub. It contains Papaya, Lemon and Vitamin E. What I enjoy about this is that it smells great and it actually serves its purpose. It's easy to just blob on, rub it in in circular motions, wash off and there you have it perfectly polished, smooth legs. You can't beat that fresh feeling.

Scarlett and Crimson Face Mattifying Papers
 from Scarlett and Crimson Palette - Scarlett Scene 27,
 £2 T.X Maxx
Last but not least is the Scarlett and Crimson Face Mattifying Papers. These came in a small palette I got on sale at T.X. Maxx not too long ago and I swear by these. I have heard over the past years how great blotting or mattifying papers can be, so when I saw a palette that had a plummy blush, contour/bronzer, lip glosses and then mattifying papers for just £2, I jumped at it. These papers have been my saviour during the humid and warm weather we have been experiencing in the UK and these I believe have stopped  breakouts as my skin isn't producing much natural oil as these bad boys just matte it all up. Love it! Must get some more.

So there you have it my Top 5 Beauty Buys Over the Passing Months. Hope you enjoyed, will be doing more of these in the future, watch this space :).

Stacey :D

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