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Top Ten Lipsticks & Lipstick Collection

The Lipstick Collection 
I may not have MAC or any other high end lipsticks, but my little lipstick collection is all I need. I absolutely love Avon lipsticks, as you can probably tell from the packaging. But there are a few other lipsticks from Miss Sporty, MUA, BarryM, Wet'n'Wild, Revlon and Maybelline and a few that are cheap and nameless. It just proves you don't need to break the bank to have a good range of lipsticks. I have loved Lipsticks for so long, I got over the lip gloss thing in my early teens and went on to wear nudes and pinks and eventually branched out for the peaches, bright pinks, reds and darker shades. I guess as you get older and you know yourself better you build the confidence to wear daring lipsticks or other make up bits, well so it seems when it comes to me. Anyway enough said, lets get to it...

Three drawer storage from the bathroom section in
 Wilkinson around £2.50 

From L-R - Perfect Peach Avon, Noble Nude - Avon,
Divine Wine - Avon, Zafi Lipstick, Flirt - Avon Colour Trend,
Really Rosy - Avon, Citrus Slice - Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Stick ,
Pink Lemonade - Revlon Lip Butter, I Poke - Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick  &
Wet'n'Wild  - No. E81411
1. Perfect Peach - Avon 
This Lipstick as you can tell from the image above has been truly loved, I had the full lipstick version nearly two years ago and it was maybe one of the first lipsticks I constantly wore throughout my A Level days. It the perfect nude pink colour that is subtle with a little shimmer, I was so thankful when my Grandma gave me the sample size lipstick for Christmas last year as I love this shade and for someone who is starting out with lipstick, I would definitely recommend starting off with a subtle shade and then work your way up.

2. Noble Nude - Avon
This one I was given by my Grandma again she brought it and it just wasn't for her. This nude, pinky brown is quite nice for that nude, grown up sort of look, I did use this quite a bit when I got it because it suits my lips nicely, however, this has been neglected due to me liking more peachy shades as of late. But this is probably as step up from the subtle nude Perfect Peach, above.

3. Divine Wine - Avon
Wow! Well this one is a daring one. When I was watching my usual subscriptions during the Winter/Autumn months on YouTube, a lot of the dark, deep shade were very in and I thought why not purchase it? I wanted to be more daring as at the time I was getting used to wearing dark reds and pinks on nice days, so I gave it a try and I loved it, it's a deep purple, with slight pink so it doesn't look dull on the lips. I paired this with a grey slouchy hat in the winter months and it just made me instantly look like I made effort when I really didn't. Love this shade!

4. Zafi Lipstick - Unknown shade No. and Name - From Hooty's 
Well, this shade of lipstick is definitely one that I have been going for more lately with the sun shining now and again in the UK. It is a rather bright peach colour that is quite striking but I love that quality of it because it makes a statement, with low maintenance eye make up and subtle cheeks with a bright coral, peach shade, I think it looks summery and refreshing. I purchased this quite a while ago at Hooty's, a big warehouse in the UK near where I live and I have since been trying to find something as amazing as this. Beautiful this one is and best of it is, when you blot it, it can look subtle and not as striking, two in one almost.  

5. Flirt - Colour Trend Avon
This one I brought on a whim, browsing through the Avon book, but to be honest, this is such a great shade, its peachy but orangey and for an everyday shade to pop on and re-apply and to pack into your handbag its brilliant. It gives a pop of colour when you need it and due to being on the pale side, I'm not really pale, but somewhat pale, it suits my skin well, and I even find that even though this is a cheap lipstick it lasts for a while. I think this type of shade is a staple for anyone.

6. Really Rosy - Avon
This one in the packaging can look a little overwhelming, believe me it was when I first saw it, but you know what, this was my first ever red lipstick and I swear by. It's not your classic red, it's a deep red with little shimmers in it and looks perfect for a night out or an everyday dark lip look. As you can tell it has been much loved as it's so tiny looking now, but to be honest I definitely will be re-purchasing it. It's the first daring shade I brought and now I don't feel scared to wear it and it lasts a long time and well... it's just beautiful.
7. Citrus Slice - Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Sticks 
This one is one that I have reviewed before, the link will be in the caption below the image, and I've got to say since then I have practically used this everyday. I take it shopping and to work with me. It's got a nice subtle colour tinge to it that makes my lips look juicy like fruit, like the name Citrus Slice suggests. Before long this bad boy will be gone because I can't possibly stop applying this, it smells great, looks great and feels great. Go and check the blog post on it for more, but I love, love, love this one!

8. Pink Lemonade - Revlon  Lip Butter Collection
Well, well, well... These have been talked about a hell of a lot in the blogging and YouTube world and it's fair to say the lip butter collection lives up to it's reputation. But this shade in particular is amazing, it's the perfect rose pink shade that I have had many a comment on, like the he Citrus Slice one above  I use it everyday, shopping and at work. It's a beautiful shade and is so so moisturising that I feel like applying it constantly. I think if you like lipsticks and chap sticks, this is the perfect combination product and great for those who are starting out in make up or for those who prefer subtlety over statement shades.
9. I Poke - Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick
This perfect peachy, glossy lipstick has been reviewed by me before, the link will be in the caption above, and I have got to say this is one of those lipsticks like Pink Lemonade and Citrus Slice that has been living in my everyday bag for ages. I even used this last night to a friends show. It's perfect for those days when you want a hint of colour or for popping into your bag before you leave the house and when you feel the need to apply a lipstick this is quick and easy, smells like watermelon and is moisturising beyond belief. Definitely a staple lippy for those who love peachy shades like me.

10. E81411 - Wet'n'Wild
This shade and brand is a recent purchase for me, I thought to myself one night, I'm in need of a bright red lipstick, so I went on Ebay, knowing that Wet'n'Wild was a good cheap brand to get hold of on the internet and I found this one. I must say that on the Internet it looked so much redder, but when it arrived and I swatched it was like a pinky red, but I fell in love with it. It's so pretty on the lips and now when I go out I feel I can just put this on and instantly look like effort has been made and it compliments any skin tone really well. I think I will purchasing more Wet'n'Wild lipsticks in the future, they are such great quality, cheap and have beautiful shades. Love this Red!

So that concludes my Lipstick Collection and Top Ten Lipsticks. Of course there are other lipsticks that I love but these ten I believe are staple for me and to be honest they are cheap and mostly drug store brands but like my mum always says, "It's all the same". 

Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me what your favourite lipsticks are.
Hope you enjoyed...
Stacey :D

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