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Top Ten Nail Varnishes & Collection

I'm Pretty old school when it comes to the storing of my nail varnish collection, this bag I have had since I was 7 or 8 and quite frankly it's the best storage for me because it's all in one place including nail tools and remover. Nail varnishes come and go, they go yucky, you outgrow some shades, and some just aren't very good but from what I have now I have had the difficulty of picking my top ten nail varnishes which isn't too easy when you love most of your nail polishes. However, ten I needed and ten I picked. So let's get down to it then... My Top Ten Nail Varnishes/Polishes. 

My Top Ten Nail Varnishes
L-R- Nails Inc. Eden Grove,  Collectiom 2000 Hot looks Fruit Salad (43), 
Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, George. Jeopardy, Avon Speeddry+ Don't Be Jaded, 
Avon Speedry+ Red Wine, Avon nail wear Pro+ Starry Sky, Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch 211112,
 Avon Speedry+ Rebel Rose, Technic Tawny Port.

Nails Inc. Eden Grove 
This nail polish was given to me by my Mum's friend about a year ago and to be honest I think this shade is beautiful, it's a green, teal colour, perfect for those spring/summer months and the formula of this particular brand is amazing, two coat and you are done. I don't tend to use this a hell of a lot simply because I will not be rushing to buy Nails Inc. polishes as they are on the dear side. Saying that I have recently noticed Nails Inc. nail polishes are issued in some magazines as free gifts, so if you don't want to spend too much on this brand, keep your eyes open for those magazines with the free gifts, magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Company.

Collection 2000, Hot Looks, Fruit Salad (43)
Now this nail polish is amazing, its a hot pink colour that strangely reminds me of bubblegum. It's a gorgeous colour to add that pop to the nails or to add to a monochrome outfit and above all is amazing for the summer. But to be honest I love the colour, the way it applies and how quick it dries as it's fast dry, but I think the bottle is tiny and believe this will run out fast if I keep using it and I'm scared they don't do this shade any more. But other than that this is one of my favourites also given to me by my Mum's friend. 

Sinful Colors Professional - Ruby Ruby
This one I have reviewed previously on my blog, the link will be in the caption below the image. Anyway, despite some of the faults or maybe my misuse of applying the first time, I do love this classic red colour. I think almost every girl loves a classic red on the nails, for me it makes me feel more feminine and this colour in particular I just love love love. I do need to try out some more of the colours from this range, I keep walking past the stand in Boots, but I think I need to give into temptation and grab a few, for £1.99, it's cheap, great range of colours and the bottles a decent size. Watch this space.

George. Quick Dry Nail Polish -  Jeopardy
Now I can't explain the love for this nail polish. I can literally apply this to the nails, let it dry and take a look and I'm taken aback from the greatness of this colour. It's a Salmon colour that I find can suit any skin tone. My pale skin that I sport all year round other than when we have a rare few days of sun, suits this very well and when I am a little tanner than usual this suits my skin too. I just love a nail polish that can suit any tones of skin and the brand is cheap and the brush is a great size to apply on the nails with, hope this is still in store, fingers crossed!

Avon Speed Dry + Nail Enamel - Don't Be Jaded
Well well well... this colour I am in love with, it's like a mint colour but far more greener, I just think that this is the perfect spring/summer shade and for £2.50 from the Avon brochure you can't grumble. I haven't wore this as much as I would like to, but it had to be within my top ten nail polishes simply because the colour is beautiful, it's speed dry and for the price is good quality. As you may or may not know, I love Avon products as I have many a make up products that are this brand that I have mentioned in previous posts. The quality of these nail polishes are just great, especially for someone who is always fumbling about all the time, it doesn't chip quickly like other nail enamels, just pop a good top coat on and you're good to go. 

Avon Speed Dry + Nail Enamel - Red Wine
I remember that in the winter the trend was dark nails and lips, berry colours, deep purples and dark reds and normally I don't give in to trends and all that jazz so much because I have my own way of doing things. Anyway I saw this nail enamel in the Avon brochure and it was on sale for £2.50 so I was like why not? I can honestly say I made the right decision to get this shade, it is what it says on the bottle, a red wine colour that instantly feminises any outfit for me. You know what? I think I may just apply this after this post because I just think it's a gorgeous, feminine colour that dry quickly, and doesn't chip badly within the first few minutes. You guys must try this nail enamel range It's just amazing. 

Avon Nail Wear Pro+ - Starry Sky
Okay I have to admit that I'm not one for glitz and sparkle, but when my Grandma kindly gave me this nail polish I thought I'd give it a go. I love this, it's a little daring but for those nights when you are going out and you want to glitz and other wise plain outfit, it just adds that something else to it. I've wore this a few times, more so as an accent nail to go with other nail polishes. It doesn't chip quickly and I just love the added glitz, what can I say? I can be a little girly at times, but for added sparkle I definitely go for this. 

Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch - 211112
I think for a subtle glitter look this nail polish is perfect. It has the most prettiest little blue, purple and silver glitters in it that I think as either a topcoat over another nail polish can look really pretty. Also, as an accent nail looks great too and last but not least I believe my favourite way to use this is to add it on to a coat of nail polish but just on the tips, similar to a French manicure look for that extra looking effort. One thing I would say is that the brush is a little too big, I think it should be smaller, but oh well it's beautiful, I can work with what I have got. 

Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel - Rebel Rose
Yes it is another Avon Nail Enamel that you see, but what's a girl to do when she knows what works for her. 
This hot pink I absolutely love, it looks amazing on the nails and is perfect again for summer to add a pop of colour. I don't wear this as often as I should. I love nail polish but sometimes I just don't have the time to apply it and keep up with making my nails look fresh and pretty, but when I do this hot pink is great to add something to the hands as well as outfits. 

Technic - Tawny Port
I've had this one for a while now but when rummaging through my nail varnish collection bag I came across this colour again. It was Winter at the time so this fitted the dark colour trend that was out at the time and I could not stop applying this. Its a lovely dark, red purple that gives a dark look to the nails without being to dark like a black nail polish. Even on pale hands it looks great, it's sort of vampy looking and I love that, It's nail polishes like this that give me the confidence to try something new. 

This concludes my Top Ten Nail Varnishes and Collection, There are more that I liked but I cut it down to ten that I thought applied to anyone. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I liked blogging it for you.

Stacey :D

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