Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Fashion Blog!

Hey! I just thought to let you know that as well as posting on here I will be doing fashion, clothing and accessory segment on my new blog called Affordable Fashion Picks and this will be a few posts every month but this blog will be my main blog as I buy more make up than clothing. But I hope to see that my loyal readers of this blog will also be along for the ride with my fashion blog.
I just wanted to say a huge Thank you to those who take their time to read my beauty blog and blogging has really became such a lovely thing in my life and I couldn't that without you guys.
Thanks again and see you for my next post,
Stacey :D 

Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint

Barry M -  Touch of Magic Lip Paint (TMLP 252)
£4.99 Barry M Online
This has got to be the weirdest lipstick I own. I think that if you got this out in public you would definitely surprise some passers by. My friend purchased this before me and I just couldn't resist, it changes colour from this bright green colour to pink but it looks different on different people. On my friend it was the nicest pale pink colour, but on me it looks like fushia pink colour, it's beautiful. On the Barry M Website this claims to be a:
"Waterproof formula with aloe vera, lasts up to 8 hours. Alkali level of your lips determines how pink the colour will go."
This is my first Barry M lip paint that I've brought so I'm not too sure how great these are, but from this one I can say that it does seem to bleed around your lips throughout the day and it does stain you lips. I wore this the other day for a pop of colour during these lovely Summer days that we have been having in the UK and found that after eating. drinking and everyday wear it does leave a sort of lip liner look around the edges of your lips. But, after seeing this I went to apply the lipstick again and found that I forgot to put it in my bag, so I used my AVON Colour Trend lipstick in Flirt and put it over the top and it made the most beautiful sunrise, ombre lip look. What a lucky accident.

Moving along from that tangent anyhow, when I attempted to take it off on the evening, it didn't want to come off my lips, so I used my LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum, (review posted here), and it did eventually come off, but gosh this is waterproof. I do Love the colour pay off, the packaging is small and compact and it's unique. But, in terms of the long run, it doesn't last 8 hours and before too long you get the lip liner look. Maybe this lippy is the only one from this range that does that, I don't know, but I do want to try other colours from the lip paint range, so you may see other reviews soon.

I Felt like I needed to do another lipstick post, what can I say, I just can't get enough.
Hope you enjoyed,

Stacey :D

Malibu Sun Care Range

L-R: Malibu 20 SPF Lotion, Medium Protection (400 ml),
Malibu Soothing After Sun (400 ml).

In the UK recently we have been getting some really sunny weather and I love it! I'm not normally one to sit in the sun and what have you, but as I've got older my insecurities about getting my legs out once in a while doesn't faze me as much any more. But I definitely needed some sun care pieces added to my beauty collection, and these two bottles are just perfect for me. I got this from my local B&M Store it was £4.99 for these two bottles and I got a folding frisbee free, perfect for Summer days. Well enough said let's get cracking with the reviewing. 

Malibu 20 SPF Lotion, Medium Protection (400 ml)
For cheap sun care you can't go wrong with this sun cream. It protects you with its SPF 20, is really moisturising and is 'very water resistant'. One thing I would say it does leave your hands with a little bit of a greasy sheen, but to be honest most sun creams/sprays do still have a greasy residue. It's not too bad but it is something to consider, I always take wipes or tissues of some sort to get the remanding cream off. It lasts well too, you apply it 30 minutes before you go in the sun and apply frequently throughout the day. I haven't had a burn yet using this gem. 

Malibu Soothing After Sun (400 ml)
This has worked a treat after hours of being in the sun, when my skin feels a little dry form the sun rays and a little bit sore this soothes it incredibly, most the people in my house use this and they said it's so relieving. It has Aloe Vera within the formula, Allantoin and Vitamin E, so it's great for your skin. I'm so glad this came as a set because I don't think I would have thought to buy after sun care, so yes I'm grateful these came together. 

Overall, I would say that this sun care range is quite good, it does exactly what it says on the tin and even though it's not so travel friendly being 400 ml, the upside is that it lasts longer and I got a free frisbee, win win, I'm such a big kid. 

Hope you enjoyed & stay protected while in the sun,
Stacey :D

Monday, 22 July 2013

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner - 889 Extra Black

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner - 889 Extra Black 
I purchased this liner early last week and I've used it everyday practically since I've had it and I have got to say I like it. It's not the best liquid eyeliner out there, but to be honest it does the job for everyday. I was originally going to get a felt liner from Collection in Superdrug because my friend uses it and she recommended it but, I just liked the look of this one. Maybe I'll try that one next time and give you a review of that too. 

Anyway, moving on, let's get to the nitty gritty ey? What I like about this liner is the nib at the end of the pen. It's stiff so you don't find yourself making a mess at the top of your eye and the eyeliner itself is really thin in terms of packaging. Overall I would say it's easy for travel and easy to handle when applying. Although there are good points about this eyeliner I would say that even though it is stated as 'Extra Black' on the packaging, it's not really opaque on the eye, you do have to apply over the top of an already existing line for lasting power.

I've wore this on its own on the top of my lid and winged out and I found that one coat didn't really look great at the end of the day, (bearing in mind the heat we have been enduring in the UK), but applied over the top of eye shadow like I chose to the other day, it lasted really well. I walked to work, did a four hour shift and then walked back and it lasted until bedtime, when I eventually took it off. That's pretty good if you ask me. I would recommend this to anyone and at £2.99 that's a bargain, this is definitely a purchase that will be occurring in my everyday routine from time to time.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

P.S If you guys have any suggestions on what I should blog about next or if you have any recommendations on certain products that you would like me to try, blog and review, I'm all ears, bearing in mind I'm affordable beauty. :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

LUSH Charity Pot - Hand and Body Lotion 10g

I've been carrying this little pot of joy everywhere with me, If I don't have a normal sized hand lotion in my bag you can guarantee I have this little pot in my there. I even put it in my pocket of my work uniform. It has the most gorgeous smell, smelling floral and nutty at the same time, it's refreshing on the hands and rubs in well. One thing I would say about it is that is does seem to get a little greasy, but only if you put too much on.
I love the fact it's small and compact and I think this would make a lovely little something with a few other things for birthdays or Christmas. I believe that the full size product is either £12.75 for 240 g or £6.95 for 95 g. To be honest I think for the price and the amount you get in it it would last a long time. I may be getting the 95 g pot soon or may just buy a few 10 g pots. I also like the fact that it's for a good cause, as it says on the pot '100% goes to good causes (minus VAT for the government).' Overall, I love this and will be investing soon, it smells great, is good for your hands and is for a good cause as well as being against animal testing. 

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation in Fair - £2, Superdrug 
After all the foundations that I have reviewed, how can I forget this one? I've repurchased this three times now and I literally love it so much. Its mattifying as it says, it does last long, but not all day. But I think for someone who wants just enough coverage to cover up redness and blemishes, this is definitely for you and better yet if you have oily or combination skin this would be great too, as it is a shine control aspect about it. Enough said, let's get right down to the reviewing.

I've tried applying this with both my hands and a flat top brush and I find it applies better with the hands. Because I don't like to cake on the foundation and would rather go for the natural skin look, I literally take a small pea size amount and put a little on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and wipe access anyway needed. I rub it quite quickly because it dries really quick. This covers quite well, it's not flawless like the bottle says but I think you can build this foundation to get a medium coverage. I find though because I have oily skin I have to use a powder over the top too, as I do tend to shine even if it is anti-shine or shine control. 

Overall, I really like this foundation for everyday and for £2 you can't grumble. It has shine control, it's matte, you can up the coverage to medium and even though this foundation is in fair it doesn't have a white wash quality, it has a yellow tone about it. 

I would definitely recommend this to those who don't want to spend a lot on a foundation, those who like a matte finish and those who aren't after a full coverage foundation and rather a light/medium coverage. 

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Monday, 15 July 2013

Haircare Repurchases

Alberto Balsam Juicy Green Apple Herbal Shampoo,
for normal/greasy hair - £1 Poundland
& Oz Botanics Major Moisture Conditioner - £1 Poundland
It's came to that point in my bath time/ haircare routine where products are well and truly on their way out. I love my haircare routine at the moment as well as other routines like my skincare and make up routine. But I think I've finally found something that really works, especially for my hair. I had my hair dyed and cut recently and I was told by my hair dresser that my hair was in good condition, which is better than what it was a few years ago, frizzy and dry at the ends. Let's get started with the products that saved my hair...

I recently repurchased both of these products, I have been using the Alberto Balsam shampoo on and off for years and it really makes my hair feel refreshed, clean and smelling great like juicy apple, just like it says on the tin. I believe that being a student with a part-time job I don't need to pay ridiculous prices for something that does the same job. I'd rather buy cheaper products that work. The Oz Botanics Major Moisture conditioner I have repurchased now for the second time and I feel that this will be a repurchase for a long time, it smells lovely, and really conditions the ends of your hair. This combination has been my ultimate favourite and my hair no longer has to be washed everyday.I can go sometimes two/three days without washing my hair, which sounds horrible but washing your hair everyday takes the natural oils out of your hair that protect and keep your hair healthy. 

I would recommend to those who are tired of spending on shampoo and conditioners to really go searching for those that do the job and that are less expensive. I really enjoyed hunting down these two and feel like my hair is better for it in the long run as well as my bank balance.

Hope this has been enjoyable...
Stacey :D

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Everyday Make-Up Routine

*Bourjois Healthy Mix ( No.51, Light Vanilla) 
*Flat top all over face brush by Nanshy
*2True 3 in 1 concealer (No.2)
*Flat Concealer brush
*MUA Pressed Powder (Shade 1)
*Powder Brush
*Natural Collection - Blushed Cheeks (Peach Melba)
*Angled Blush Brush
*The Glamour Collection Perfect Brow Kit (Grey/Brown Shade)
*AVON Angled Eyebrow Brush
*MUA Intense Glitter Eye Liner in Malt Chocolate/ MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner in Forest Green.
*Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara - Waterproof (001 Extra Black)
*AVON Perfect Peach Lip Stick, Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade & AVON Colour Trend in Flirt.

Well before we get started on make-up application, we all know we must moisturise and for this I use The Beauty Parlour's 'T-Zone Oil Control' Mattifying Moisturiser. Once we are all moisturised, we are all ready to go on to the base. I use a pea size amount of Bourjois's Healthy Mix Foundation in No.51 (Light Vanilla) and dab this on to where it is needed and buff this into the skin with a flat top all over face brush by Nanshy. After this I use the 2True 3 in 1 Concealer and dab the doe foot applicator on those blemishes that you want to hide, around the nose and under the eyes to lift the eyes a little and I do this with a flat concealer brush. Next for the base, I use an MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1 all over the face with a powder brush.

(Grey Brown shade - Bottom Colour)
Adding Colour
Base done, now lets bring the face to life a little shall we? I add blush to my cheeks with an angled blush brush, the blusher I use pretty much everyday is the Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba, this gives my face a peachy glow. Next is the brows. Now I have the thinnest eye brows at the moment so I don't ever forget this step. I use the dark/brown shade from The Glamour Collection Perfect Brow Kit (bottom colour) with an angled brush from AVON, this applies so accurately.

Then there is the eyes. I don't usually use eye shadow on a day-to-day basis but instead I use eye liners on the lower lash line, not on the water line. I tend to use the MUA Intense Glitter eye liner in Malt Chocolate on the lower lash line to bring out the green in my eyes and sometimes I switch it up a little, in which I have been using a recent purchase, MUA's Intense Colour eye liner in Forest Green and this is the most gorgeous dark green that makes my eyes pop beyond belief. Finally we move on to mascara and I have always been a bit iffy about what mascara to use but lately, with the hot weather in the UK, I have been using Maybelline's the Rocket Volum' Express waterproof mascara in 001 Extra Black. I have this on the top and bottom lashes to bring out my eyes as I have big green eyes that without mascara look a little frog-like.

L-R: AVON's Perfect Peach, Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade, AVON Colour Trend in Flirt
Ooh, I almost forgot, I don't really have an everyday lipstick as I switch it up most of the time, but I tend to go for AVON's Perfect Peach, Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade or AVON Colour Trend lipstick in Flirt as these are beautiful summery shades that really add colour to the face.

So that's it, my Everyday Make-up Routine, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope it has inspired many of you to realise what you use everyday and what works best for you. I love doing these sort of posts so if my routine changes in a few months I may just do another updated one.

Stacey :D

Monday, 8 July 2013

Every Day Skin Care Routine - Day & Night.

What I Use
Day: What I use
*AVON Colour Trend - Sugar Cookie Lip Balm (Featured in Great Lip Care & Lip Products post)

Night: What I use 
*Wet Wipes (Primark or Poundland)
*Allura Cotton Pads
*B. Pure Micellar Water
*The Beauty Parlour 'T-Zone Oil Control' Mattifying Moisturiser
*Clearasil Ultra Overnight Serum (optional)
*LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
*Any Lip Balm - Aloe Vera Vaseline or AVON Sugar Cookie Lip Balm (Featured in Great Lip Care & Lip Products post)

Day Routine: 
When I wake up in the morning and decide to get ready I start off with my 'Foaming Lovely' foaming facial wash as this refreshes my face whilst ridding my pores of everything that shouldn't be there. Next I pat my face dry and apply my Beauty Parlour Mattifying Moisturiser that keeps me from feeling oily after moisturising, as normal moisturisers, I find, break me out and leave my face oily throughout the day. After this I use the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub to get rid of any dead skin on the lips, then apply my favourite lip balm like AVON's Sugar Cookie, ready and prepared for make up application.

Night Routine: 
Now night time I have a few more products that I use because I find it's important to really cleanse the skin and rid it of nasties before bed, so you don't cause any annoyances in the morning. Firstly I use any type of make up remover wipes, I usually use Poundland or Primark ones as you get more than one pack, they are cheap and I pick up the ones that are 3 in 1. Next, I get around two or three cotton pads, mine are Allura ones from Poundland and add some B. Pure Micellar Water 3 in 1, to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin. Moving on, I then moisturise a little bit with the Beauty Parlour Mattifying Moisturiser so my skin isn't too dry in the morning. After this, if I have a little spot or two attempting to reveal itself, I use the Clearasil Ultra Overnight Serum on those little buggers. Lastly, I use my LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub and apply either my AVON Colour Trend Sugar Cookie Lip Balm or Vaseline in Aloe Vera before bed for extra moisture.

So that concludes my Everyday Skin Care Routine - Day & Night. I'm not saying that this is my holy grail skin products or skincare regime, I do mix it up now and again and forget steps as we all do. But these are my own guide lines to skin care and my routine and I hope this has been enjoyable and interesting for you guys.

Stacey :D

Great Lip Care and Lip Balms...

I love this Vaseline, it doesn't exactly smell or taste the best but I do love it. During those cold winter months when your lips feel close to sand paper, this works like a dream. I apply this to my lips every night before bed without fail and I wake up the next day with smooth lips, ready to take on those lip balms, tints and lipsticks and just as well you can drop it into your bag because it's 'pocket size'. I have quite a few of the Vaseline tins that I had as a present off a friend which consist of the rose tint, the original blue one and this Aloe Vera one. I do recommend these to anyone, they are a little greasy in consistency but if you look past that, they are so moisturising.

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm
This was also part of a gift set  from a friend and to be honest I thought I wouldn't use it, but when I was rummaging through my make up stash I came across it and decided to start using it. When I was at school I used this none stop and it's still going strong. It has the most perfect strawberry scent that just lingers and reminds me of sweets. It has a slight pinky red tint to it too, so if you don't fancy a lippy then this tinted lip balm is the answer. I don't use this nearly as much as I should, definitely going to be using this this summer.

AVON Colour Trend Sugar Cookie Lip Balm
Here's another one of Stacey's AVON product obsession... This little fellow was a measly 99p in the bargain book in the AVON brochure around Christmas time. There are a whole array of different flavours and scents, but this one sounded so scrumptious I thought, yes, I want this in my life. It has the most sweetest, delightful cookie dough scent and just smooths on to the lips and leaves them feeling highly nourished, smelling and tasting sweet. One thing I would say is that if you do go too far with the application, you do get a white look on the lips but glide those lips together and it's no longer a problem. This is a definite staple in my handbag at the moment along with numerous other lip products, oops!

Elemis, Fresh Skin - Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm 
Warning! Possible Addiction Alert! I got this as a freebie in a magazine some time ago and I literally haven't stopped applying it. It has the most divine, minty smell, and rather than being thick and creamy like most lip balms, this is slightly watered down to allow to really seep into the lips to condition and nourish them. Elemis were right when they called this lip 'quenching' because my lips literally drink it up, it's gorgeous and gives a lovely sheen to the lips as well as looking after them.

Well there you have it my take on Great Lip Care and Lip Balms,I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to writing more. My next blog should be My Everyday Skincare Routine, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Stacey :D

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes & Eye Shadows

MUA: Heaven and Earth Palette £4 Superdrug
I love this MUA palette first of all because it is £4 which is crazy cheap in my opinion and secondly because I love the natural eye shadows that form the palette. As you can see this palette is much loved and I would say that it is very versatile in that you can make a normal everyday look with a natural, subtle smokey eye or you can vamp it up a notch by adding the darker brown colours. All of these shadows however are shimmer shades, which to be honest I would prefer matte colours and shimmers mixed. I tend to use the far top left creamy white colour as a shimmer highlight for the brows or as a base colour and the others I switch up depending on the intensity I want for my look. Overall this is great affordable palette.

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo - 35-On and On Bronze
£4.99 Superdrug 
This eye shadow I have already spoke about in a previous blog so for more on this I'll link you to the post Here. This eye shadow makes just one lone eye shadow on the lid look like you have put a mass amount of work in to your make up look, you can have it as light or as dark as you like and you can add other shadows to it. It is such a versatile eye shadow and it really does last, I wouldn't say all day mind, as it fades a little, but it is good enough for me.

The Body Shop - Limited Collection for Eyes
(A Gift)
This small quad palette I received for Christmas two years ago and I never thought to use it, is great, it was stashed away somewhere not to be used until in recent months. The matte black shade (bottom right) is really good if you don't want a stark line across you lash line and want something a little subtle and smokier. One problem with these shadows is that do create fall out especially the silver one (bottom left) but I love that shadow to add a bit of sparkle to a look. The cream white I use for a brow highlight at times and the pink I have recently started sporting as a soft pink look on the eyes for those days where you feel a little girlier. I'm glad I got this out of storage now, I really like this, it's just a shame it is limited edition but I'm there are similar ones in store. 

Evie GLAM Eye Shadow - Smokey Eye - Day
(A Gift)
This one again was a gift for Christmas or Birthday two years ago and I think this is really helpful for when you are travelling or on the go, as its so compact and has neutral tones that anyone can practically get away with. I like the pinky shade (like the Body Shop quad above) all over the lid for a girly look, the silver grey brown colour (top right) I like to add for a taupe look on the lid and the two browns at the bottom are lovely shades that I think would look good with an intense smokey eye. So compact I love it. 
Chit Chat Eye Shadow Quad -
Newlook (A Gift)
This one is the smallest of them all but this does wonders. I use the cream colour shadow (bottom right) as a base colour or brow highlight and the other three colour to create as smokey eye. There was a time where I would use this everyday for Uni as an everyday smokey eye, to make up for the fact that I constantly wore Skinny jeans, Jumpers with black converse most days, early mornings hey? This is even more compact and although this was in a small gift set form New Look I believe, I really can't fault this other than that you do have to re-apply during the day which is fine because of it's dainty size. 

Colour Couture - How to Guide for Smokey Eyes
(Aprox £5 on offer in my local town)
Now these ones just didn't want to photograph well and that's because all these shades are glittery and shimmery. This is a step-by-step guide book almost on how to create the perfect smokey eye with different colours however, I tend to stay away from the first row of eye shadows and the last because blue doesn't suit my green eyes and greys and blacks tend to make me look like I have been involved in a punch up. But, the second and third row of colours suit me really well as they are neutrals, as you can probably tell by now, I do love me some neutral colours. But hey, I stick to what I know. I use these mainly when I go out because if you push aside the major fall out from these shadows they look amazing and dazzling on a night out. 

Well that concludes my Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes & Eye Shadows. As you can see and like I said above I do love neutral shades because they suit me best, everything else makes me look doll like or damn right silly (mostly like I have been punched in the eye), but if you're like me and believe that neutrals are best and suit you, then I hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as I have liked reviewing these eye shadows and palettes. 

Stacey :D

Monday, 1 July 2013

Favourite Blushes ATM...

Scarlett and Crimson Palette Scene 27, £2 from T.K. MAXX
 - Blush (2nd on the left)
This blush has been a recent purchase and I've spoke about the mattifying papers that came within this small Scarlett and Crimson palette in a recent post my Top 5 Beauty Buys Over the Passing Months.However, I have been loving the blush that came with this. Its a dark pinky shade with slight glitter in it. I wore this the other day when I was experimenting with different products, as you do, and this just looks great on the cheek, its like a plum pink look and I think that this is great for when you are going for the less natural look when going out. But it's versatile as an everyday blush too if you are subtle as it's a little pigmented. Don't want to look clown-ish do we now?

Collection Blush in No.04 Trouble, £2.99 Superdrug
Now this I have purchased a few times just because I didn't want to run out of this gorgeous subtle everyday blush. It's a little bit shimmery but it gives a glow to the cheeks and looks great on pale skin as I have found out but I believe this would look good on any skin tone, what's perfect is that you could even use this as a cheek highlight above another blush as its subtle colour give a great sheen to the cheek bones. I tend to use this on a natural make up day for that healthy glow look. But I love this and think this will become a staple blush for me.

Collection Blush in No.2 Bashful ,£2.99 Superdrug
Another Collection blush here it just so happens. When I purchased this one and the Collection blush in Trouble (above) they were on offer 2 blushes for £4.99 I believe so I couldn't pass it up. This colour is like the Scarlett and Crimson one it is really pigmented so you have to tap your brush to get the excess off but when this is on the cheeks it gives such a great flush of colour to the cheeks, this one isn't as shimmery and is nice for a night out to make a more flushed effect and is good for everyday too. For £2.99 this is great and both Bashful and Trouble (above) last all day with a good face powder.

Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba, £1.99 Boots  
This blush was recommended by YouTuber MsRosieBea in her Make Up for Pale Skin video and I absolutely loved the colour on her, it was the perfect peachy blush that gave such a nice pop of colour to the cheeks. I'm a little bit darker in skin tone than Rosie but it looks quite good on me too, I just think this looks so pretty on a minimalistic make up day and to add that little bit more colour and glow to the cheeks for a night out or for a  meal. Yet again this is another versatile everyday blush colour and is cheap too. Win win I think. 

I believe that all these blushes are amazing I have tried different ones over the years but these ones in particular I love love love. They are all cheap drug store products too, perfect for those who don't want to spend to much to look good. 

Everyday Make up and Skin Care Routine blog coming soon... Watch this space. 

Hope you enjoyed 
Stacey :D