Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes & Eye Shadows

MUA: Heaven and Earth Palette £4 Superdrug
I love this MUA palette first of all because it is £4 which is crazy cheap in my opinion and secondly because I love the natural eye shadows that form the palette. As you can see this palette is much loved and I would say that it is very versatile in that you can make a normal everyday look with a natural, subtle smokey eye or you can vamp it up a notch by adding the darker brown colours. All of these shadows however are shimmer shades, which to be honest I would prefer matte colours and shimmers mixed. I tend to use the far top left creamy white colour as a shimmer highlight for the brows or as a base colour and the others I switch up depending on the intensity I want for my look. Overall this is great affordable palette.

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo - 35-On and On Bronze
£4.99 Superdrug 
This eye shadow I have already spoke about in a previous blog so for more on this I'll link you to the post Here. This eye shadow makes just one lone eye shadow on the lid look like you have put a mass amount of work in to your make up look, you can have it as light or as dark as you like and you can add other shadows to it. It is such a versatile eye shadow and it really does last, I wouldn't say all day mind, as it fades a little, but it is good enough for me.

The Body Shop - Limited Collection for Eyes
(A Gift)
This small quad palette I received for Christmas two years ago and I never thought to use it, is great, it was stashed away somewhere not to be used until in recent months. The matte black shade (bottom right) is really good if you don't want a stark line across you lash line and want something a little subtle and smokier. One problem with these shadows is that do create fall out especially the silver one (bottom left) but I love that shadow to add a bit of sparkle to a look. The cream white I use for a brow highlight at times and the pink I have recently started sporting as a soft pink look on the eyes for those days where you feel a little girlier. I'm glad I got this out of storage now, I really like this, it's just a shame it is limited edition but I'm there are similar ones in store. 

Evie GLAM Eye Shadow - Smokey Eye - Day
(A Gift)
This one again was a gift for Christmas or Birthday two years ago and I think this is really helpful for when you are travelling or on the go, as its so compact and has neutral tones that anyone can practically get away with. I like the pinky shade (like the Body Shop quad above) all over the lid for a girly look, the silver grey brown colour (top right) I like to add for a taupe look on the lid and the two browns at the bottom are lovely shades that I think would look good with an intense smokey eye. So compact I love it. 
Chit Chat Eye Shadow Quad -
Newlook (A Gift)
This one is the smallest of them all but this does wonders. I use the cream colour shadow (bottom right) as a base colour or brow highlight and the other three colour to create as smokey eye. There was a time where I would use this everyday for Uni as an everyday smokey eye, to make up for the fact that I constantly wore Skinny jeans, Jumpers with black converse most days, early mornings hey? This is even more compact and although this was in a small gift set form New Look I believe, I really can't fault this other than that you do have to re-apply during the day which is fine because of it's dainty size. 

Colour Couture - How to Guide for Smokey Eyes
(Aprox £5 on offer in my local town)
Now these ones just didn't want to photograph well and that's because all these shades are glittery and shimmery. This is a step-by-step guide book almost on how to create the perfect smokey eye with different colours however, I tend to stay away from the first row of eye shadows and the last because blue doesn't suit my green eyes and greys and blacks tend to make me look like I have been involved in a punch up. But, the second and third row of colours suit me really well as they are neutrals, as you can probably tell by now, I do love me some neutral colours. But hey, I stick to what I know. I use these mainly when I go out because if you push aside the major fall out from these shadows they look amazing and dazzling on a night out. 

Well that concludes my Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes & Eye Shadows. As you can see and like I said above I do love neutral shades because they suit me best, everything else makes me look doll like or damn right silly (mostly like I have been punched in the eye), but if you're like me and believe that neutrals are best and suit you, then I hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as I have liked reviewing these eye shadows and palettes. 

Stacey :D


  1. i love a good glittery eyeshadow these look great!


  2. i cannot believe i've just discovered your blog, its amazing! so great to finally find someone who buys high street instead of high end! x

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot :).