Monday, 15 July 2013

Haircare Repurchases

Alberto Balsam Juicy Green Apple Herbal Shampoo,
for normal/greasy hair - £1 Poundland
& Oz Botanics Major Moisture Conditioner - £1 Poundland
It's came to that point in my bath time/ haircare routine where products are well and truly on their way out. I love my haircare routine at the moment as well as other routines like my skincare and make up routine. But I think I've finally found something that really works, especially for my hair. I had my hair dyed and cut recently and I was told by my hair dresser that my hair was in good condition, which is better than what it was a few years ago, frizzy and dry at the ends. Let's get started with the products that saved my hair...

I recently repurchased both of these products, I have been using the Alberto Balsam shampoo on and off for years and it really makes my hair feel refreshed, clean and smelling great like juicy apple, just like it says on the tin. I believe that being a student with a part-time job I don't need to pay ridiculous prices for something that does the same job. I'd rather buy cheaper products that work. The Oz Botanics Major Moisture conditioner I have repurchased now for the second time and I feel that this will be a repurchase for a long time, it smells lovely, and really conditions the ends of your hair. This combination has been my ultimate favourite and my hair no longer has to be washed everyday.I can go sometimes two/three days without washing my hair, which sounds horrible but washing your hair everyday takes the natural oils out of your hair that protect and keep your hair healthy. 

I would recommend to those who are tired of spending on shampoo and conditioners to really go searching for those that do the job and that are less expensive. I really enjoyed hunting down these two and feel like my hair is better for it in the long run as well as my bank balance.

Hope this has been enjoyable...
Stacey :D

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