Friday, 19 July 2013

LUSH Charity Pot - Hand and Body Lotion 10g

I've been carrying this little pot of joy everywhere with me, If I don't have a normal sized hand lotion in my bag you can guarantee I have this little pot in my there. I even put it in my pocket of my work uniform. It has the most gorgeous smell, smelling floral and nutty at the same time, it's refreshing on the hands and rubs in well. One thing I would say about it is that is does seem to get a little greasy, but only if you put too much on.
I love the fact it's small and compact and I think this would make a lovely little something with a few other things for birthdays or Christmas. I believe that the full size product is either £12.75 for 240 g or £6.95 for 95 g. To be honest I think for the price and the amount you get in it it would last a long time. I may be getting the 95 g pot soon or may just buy a few 10 g pots. I also like the fact that it's for a good cause, as it says on the pot '100% goes to good causes (minus VAT for the government).' Overall, I love this and will be investing soon, it smells great, is good for your hands and is for a good cause as well as being against animal testing. 

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D 

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