Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beauty Essentials; Satchel or Small Bag Edition

Bag from Matalan, £6.
Now, sometimes I get cheesed off when I constantly have a medium/large bag on my shoulder or my arm, so most of the time, especially for work, I tend to use a smaller bag. This is helpful in so many ways because I don't have to fumble about trying to find something, picking up a dozen other irrelevant things instead before I even get to the thing I want. So... What beauty essentials do I carry in my smaller bag? Well let's find out.

L-R- Revlon Lip Butter in 'Pink Lemonade' &
 Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Stick in 'Citrus Slice'
Firstly, I can never go anywhere without a lip product or maybe two (sometimes more, whoops). So I tend to put the same ones in there. I tend to take the Revlon Lip Butter 'Pink Lemonade', which I'm sure I have spoken about in the past and is now literally hitting the bottom. The other lip product that I tend to take in my small bag is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Stick in 'Citrus Slice' (reviewed here) and I can tell you, I'm always applying this and it's running out at quite a speed. So those are my lip products that I normally carry with me while sporting a smaller bag.
Mini Perfumes: Versace 'Crystal Noir' & Chopard 'Wish'.
 Body Spray: New Impulse 'Very Pink' 
Next I always, always, always, take a small perfume with me, lately it has been the Next perfume 'Just Pink' and it smells so floral and sweet I love it! Only it has now run out so I'm having to rethink the whole perfume thing. Might use some sample sizes up for a change. Speaking of scents, I cannot leave the house without a body spray and I have recently just used up a Playboy one called 'Play it Sexy'. Not the best scent but it good to freshen up before work or when you have been walking a while. But usually I like Impulse or Charlie sprays. 
Scarlett & Crimson -Face Mattifying Papers and Mirror from random set.
I have to take a pocket mirror everywhere I go in case I have something in my eye, my make up needs touching up (a rare occurrence) or more often than not, a friend needs it. This definitely comes in handy. In the same pocket that I would put my mirror in, I have been carrying blotting papers or oil control sheets which I've mentioned before in a post (linked here). I don't think blotting papers are a must for everyone but they have helped me a treat with oil control on my t-zone area. 

We can't leave the house with a frizzy beehive now can we. Solution? A small compact brush. You can get these in supermarkets, drug stores etc. They can really come in handy for those windy days, when your hair gets all knotted and your fringe goes haywire and off-parting. So a brush is must. Also Bobbles and grips are a must which live in the small inner zip part of my bag. 

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner, 2True 3-in-1 Concealer & LUSH Charity Pot.
To be honest in a small bag you don't need much. I occasionally put a small sample pot of LUSH's 'Charity Pot' in my small bag in case of a dry hands emergency, and if I'm going out somewhere I may need to touch up my make up, I sometimes take a concealer and eye liner in there and pop it in the side pocket. All my make up products live in the side pocket or the small pocket at the front and all the rest not including my phone, headphones, purse and keys goes in the middle/main part. I believe it's all in how you arrange your bag as to what you can fit in there.  

I hope this helped all you small-bag-loving-girls out there and helped you figure out what beauty essentials you want in your bag. 

Thanks for reading,
Stacey :)

Handbag Beauty Essentials

Bag: Ebay, £10
I'm a sucker for watching what's in my bag videos on YouTube and even reading blog posts on it too. But I thought I'd do something slightly different and tell you guys what beauty essentials I carry with me on a day to day basis with a medium/large sized bag.

Most worn L-R: AVON Colour Trend lipstick in 'Flirt',
Revlon Lip Butter in 'Pink Lemonade', AVON Lipstick in 'Pink Pop',
  AVON Lipstick in 'Really Rosy'
& Maybelline's Colour Sensational Pop Stick in 'Citrus Slice.
First of all, I cannot under any circumstances leave the house without some sort of lip product, whether it be lip balm, lip stain or lipstick. I just can't. I suffer with a little thing called 'crazy', even when my lips are moisturised I still feel the need to apply some type of lip product. So much so that when I'm at work I carry one in my uniform pocket and apply it a numerous amount of times throughout my shift. In the image above these are the main lippies that I find in my bag most of the time.

Neutrogena Fast Absorbing hand cream - Gift
& Superdrug Hand Therapy 2-in-1 hand & nail cream, £1.39 
My next essential would be hand and nail cream. As I have gotten older I find that doing a lot more like house work, washing up, going to work etc. my hands start to feel the strain and begin to feel yack! and dry. I've used a lot of different hand creams in the past, one that I love to have around the house is the Neutrogena Fast Absorbing hand cream for intense moisture, but in my bag I have the Superdrug Hand Therapy, 2-in-1 hand & nail cream. This I find to be very refreshing on the hands, however I'm not too taken on the smell.

Now we can't forget body spray and perfume now can we. I love to spray myself throughout the day to smell nice and to feel refreshed. One that I have been carrying for a while, and to be honest need to repurchase a new bottle, is the Next perfume 'Just Pink'. But unfortunately I have to change between sample sizes as I have ran out :(.  But, 'Just Pink' is so floral and fresh smelling, perfect to add a lovely scent to your day. As for body sprays I swap and change as to what's on offer like the Charlie or impulse sprays which are around a £1.

Floral Clip: New Look £2.99 for three, Mirror: from make up set,
Brush: Body Care, approximately £1, Blotting Paper: From Scarlett and Crimson Set,
 Manicure pouch: Superdrug (can't find it online), around £3.
Other miscellaneous things I take are hair essentials such as; a little compact brush, a mirror, bobbles and hair grips. I have also been carrying blotting papers for those hot days where I want my face to be less shiny and oily looking. These I just them shove in the side pocket inside my bag. Oh and of course I can't forget my manicure nail set that I brought from Superdrug, this little pouch certainly comes in handy for a chipped nail or even for a friend wanting to use your nail scissors to open things with.

Well there you have it, my handbag beauty essentials that I carry with me day-to-day. I don't always have these when I have a smaller bag but for my everyday decent size bag, I feel that these little things are what are needed. Smaller Bag Beauty Essentials coming up next.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Monday, 26 August 2013

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eye Liner and Eye Shadow - Metallic Purple

Jelly Pong Pong  2-in-1 Eye Liner & Shadow,
 £10.50 at www.jellypongpong.com 

You might have seen this eye liner & eye shadow stick in my August GlossyBox post and I mentioned I was going to give it a try, well try I did. Firstly let me just say I love the colour, a metallic purple with a dose of shimmer through it. I love purple but my problem is when I use purple on the eyes, it makes me look like I have just been in a fight. Black eyes aren't a good look for me, but the fact that this is 2-in-1 is just great. As you might have already guessed if you are familiar with my blog posts, is that I love eye liner, it's my thing and a weakness. So I was happy with the multi use idea.
Left- as eye shadow, Right- as eye liner

Applied as Eye Liner: 
I applied this to my lower lashes and found that it gave a nice subtle look, with the dark lilac colour really emphasising my green eyes, with the shimmer and metallics making my eyes look more awake. However, one thing I did notice is that it can be a bugger to put on as it has a weird texture. This is because in order for it to be 2-in-1 as an eye liner and eye shadow it has to have a waxy texture. Another thing was that it definitely isn't long wearing and soon was down my face, I looked a little panda-ish. Other than that I enjoy the colour and how it looks, but not so keen on the texture or the durability of the product as an eye liner.

Applied as an Eye Shadow:
Now, I probably won't be using this product as an eye shadow, personally because purple eye shadows do not suit me and results in the black eye look as I spoke of earlier, but for the purposes of this review and for you guys to know for yourself what it is like, so if you wanted to buy it you could, I thought I would go ahead and test it as an eye shadow anyhow.

I applied the eye shadow and well... I'm not impressed to be honest. Definitely not the right eye shadow for me. What I did was apply the chunky pencil all over the eyelid and with a blending brush blended the eye shadow to get a smokey sort of look. One thing I noticed straight away, other than me looking like I have been punched in the eye, is the product becoming a little bitty over the lid. This put me off straight away. One thing I would say is that the consistency of the product isn't great. It states it has different waxes and pigmentations to create the 'perfectly-blended eye shadow', now that, I can't really agree with. Even though it is waxy you couldn't wear this by itself, it would work perfectly for a base though as it would help other eye shadows stick better. But if you have eyelids that crease easily this wouldn't last two minutes as eye shadow alone.

What can I say? This is a decent an eye liner, It's a great pop of colour but not too great in terms of durability. As an eye shadow, I don't think it's so great. It rubs off easily, isn't a great colour for me (might be for someone else), goes bitty on the eyes and it claims to be an eye shadow, when really I think it's more of a base. I wouldn't mind trying the other colours that are available but this colour is a bit meh. as an eye shadow for me.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Friday, 23 August 2013

Superdrug Mud Therapy - Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.

A few weeks ago I had some trouble with my skin and well... I just about had enough. But then I stumbled across this amazing product that I forgotten I had. It was cheap from Superdrug at £2.59 for 100 ml, and to be honest it's better than constantly buying those face mask sachets you can get in drug stores or in supermarkets, it lasts a lot longer in comparison.

When I applied it the first time I applied it all over the face and layered it quite thick so it took a while to dry, but this was for an intense treatment to the face, as days before I had breakouts and redness due to lack of sleep, stress and eating the wrong foods. Now normally I would just leave it but it was getting me down to the point where I felt I had to layer up on make-up to hide the hideous skin underneath, but this just had the opposite effect and made things worse. I found after applying this thickly all over the face, you could feel it working with a tingling, cooling sensation and I could see results straight away once it was washed off. There was less redness, it wasn't all gone but mostly had gone and my break outs the next day reduced in size.

Now after I did this, a few days later I had the same problem again a break out, but only a small one and the redness was really hard to conceal, so I decided to get this skin saviour out again. This time I applied it thickly just to those areas of problem. Once I had washed it off, well you can guess it, the redness was reduced, the size of the break out reduced and within the matter of a few days my skin was back to normal.

I just want to say that I couldn't have got rid of my problematic skin of a few weeks ago without this mud mask and would definitely recommend it, it's cheap and does a great job.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Minimal Make-up Magic

As of late I have been really liking the minimal make-up look. I have been using a lot less products and in turn have returned my skin to a better standard. This being meaning having less blemishes and redness and less oily skin. Some of the products you will find in my everyday make-up routine post which you can see here, but I will list the products below anyway.

I've changed my foundation for a start and can honestly say I love it. I always come back to it in the end it's so cheap at £2, and it's the MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation. Following my previous The Over Application post you will know that I try to be as minimal and as natural as possible, using a small pea size amount in the inner parts of my face; the cheeks, t-zone area, nose and chin and then have been buffing it into the skin where needs be with a flat top buffing brush. I love how flawless and natural this method with this foundation can be.

Next I have been using the 2True 3-in-1 Concealer (shade 2) under the eyes, around the nose, on any blemishes and using a concealer brush to blend it in. I find if you conceal all the right places your face can look even more flawless and natural and gives a great canvas for greater opportunities if you wanted build your make-up and go wilder.

Once I have concealed, I tend to do the brows. I use an angled liner brush from Avon and tap into my brow colour which is a random light brown shade. I make sure to tap off excess and apply with a light hand for that natural brow look. This I find shapes the already quite flawless, natural look and frames the face more.

After this I go on and powder my face with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 003 Peach Glow. But I focus on the t-zone area first; swirl the brush, tap off excess (I think you know the drill, how repetitive whoops), then dab on to the forehead, nose, chin and the cheeks which is optional if you have oily skin like me. This makes the face matte and ready for colour.

You could probably carry on here and go all out on blusher, bronzer, contour etc. But all I do is either leave the eyes or add a light golden colour to the lids for a little glow and how can I forget mascara, I add a decent amount of mascara to the top and bottom lashes (mascara changes all the time) and we are done.

I've been really enjoying the minimal look and to be honest I feel better for it, but I do like to experiment from time to time with different looks, but I will probably be sporting this look for a while.

I hope this was enjoyable and thanks for reading,
Stacey :D

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Over Application.

The Over Application: What I have been using lately:
Foundation- MUA Matte Perfect in fair, Powder- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 003 Peach Glow
& Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba.
I think we can all admit at some point in our make-up life time that we have, let's just say, exaggerated on the make-up front. Well I know I have. I look back at photographs and think of the times when I over did it on the foundation or the blush or even the mascara. But don't fear I have a few tips that have helped me out and that may help you too. So if you're interested keep on reading :).

One tip I would firstly say when applying foundation is to use a pea size amount for a decent amount of coverage. This in turns helps if you have blemishes or areas which need more coverage which you can then build up on if need be. I normally put a pea size amount on my forefinger then dab a little on the inner parts of my face; the cheeks, the nose, the t-zone area and the chin. Once I have done this the best way I find to apply foundation is with a brush to give that natural finish that looks less cakey.

Blusher. Well let me just say walking around public places I have seen my fair share of blusher over- application and to be honest sometimes I can over do it on the blush too. I find that the easiest way to apply blusher (in my case powder blusher) is to first dab lightly into the blusher pot with a blusher brush and then tap of the excess, the same applies for the blusher as I said for the foundation, if the look isn't what you want, you can build it up, but this way you save yourself from having very pink cheeks and occasionally head turns.

Sometimes I find that I go all out on powder. I have oily skin so the more mattified the better. But in fact this isn't always the case, I do over-powder at times and my face feels yack! I go to walk out of the house and have to wipe a little off with a tissue or use blotting paper. My powder is translucent, but up close you can see the powder sitting on the face which shouldn't be the case. So what I would suggest is to swirl your powder brush in the pot then tap off the excess, then powder the t-zone if you have oily skin and dab to make the matte look last longer. (Phew, tongue twister).

Finally, this one I have done one too many times and sometimes it does creep back in to action. Mascara gone wrong. Sometimes I just want my eyelashes so big, but what I forget is that I have quite long, curly lashes luckily, but I carry on nether the less and I apply one too many coats. I do this so much that I can't even work with what I have created and have to use my nails to scrape it off the unwanted mascara. One way to avoid this, as I have found out, is always start from the root of the lashes so it doesn't clump, use the tip of the wand to separate the lashes if need be and finally, why not use eyelash curlers?

It's silly at times to think we forget these things, but to be honest we all have those days. I hope you enjoyed these little tips, because watching YouTube Guru's and reading blogs over the years have helped me realise and minimise. So I hope that this has been as helpful to you too.

Thanks for reading,
Stacey :D

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

High Flyers - August GlossyBox

Far left to Right - Océane Make Up Remover Pen,
Philosophy 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes (240 ml £17.50 & 480 ml £28.50),
Emite Make Up Eyelash Curlers (Aprox £20),
Viva La Juicy Noir (100 ml £63)
& Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eye Liner & Shadow (£10.50 full size).
Now I'm definitely a lover of last months GlossyBox (you can see that here), and to be honest this month's box didn't disappoint either. I will use all of the items I received and if you're like me and get so excited every time this box comes by your door, you don't get all delicate when you open it, you literally jump right in. This one's theme is the 'High Flyers' box which includes items from the US, Sweden, Brazil & the UK which are amazing as some are sold here in the UK or online, so they are easy to purchase.

Anyway, Lets get to it then shall we? I was so intrigued when I saw Océane Femme Make-up Remover Pen (from Brazil, not yet available in the UK), I have never really saw anything like this, but that's why I liked it so much, its unusual and so handy. When trying out an eye shadow stick that I also got in this GlossyBox I used the remover pen on a thick line on my hand and can gladly say it removed it completely. I will definitely be scrapping the moisturiser on the cotton bud theory for this little number.

Moving onto other pen-things, the Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 eye liner and eye shadow (full size) from UK is great too. I have this in a dark lilac colour (doesn't have a shade or number) and I've got to say I'm not one for purple eye shadows as they make me look like I have been punched in the eye, but this is 2-in-1 and I will most probably be sporting this under the eye or on top of the eye in days to come. It has a lovely thick consistency that applies opaque and when blending it in on my hand it seemed to blend well as an eye shadow too. There will be a more in-depth post up about this in a few days or so as I really want to give this a thorough try both as an eye liner and eye shadow. 

Next I noticed the American brand Philosophy 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes (30 ml). Now I've heard so much about this brand from YouTubers and Bloggers and I was overwhelmed to see I had a sample size of it to try and to add to that I had a bar code too, £5 off either the 240 ml or the 480 ml bottle from Debenhams. I'm going to probably do a post on this sample bottle, I have been waiting to try this stuff for a while, it's just so expensive especially on a student budget. But if I like I may just invest.

All the way from Sweden from Emite Make Up I received the eyelash curler which the glossy magazine estimates to be around £20 at www.emitemakeup.com. This I was excited to use because I own an eyelash curlers from Primark that was £1 and to be honest I haven't really used it because they aren't too great, but after having a quick go at these I think they really work. Apparently they cater to all eye shapes so that's great for my big, oval shaped eyes.

The last thing I saw in the box was the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume sample (1.5 ml) and wow! I love how this smells it's got a lovely floral, sweet scent that smells so grown up and lingers in a good way. I would definitely say that if I come in to a little more money than usual I will be purchasing this one. The full size is £63 for 100 ml which you can find at your local Debenhams or online on the Debenhams website.

Overall I can say truthfully that I am incredibly imprest with the products I received and it seems that both July and August GlossyBox's haven't disappointed. Unfortunately I will be stopping purchasing GlossyBox for a little while as I'm trying to save money at the moment. But once I'm back on track I will definitely be reactivating my subscription service. Let me know in the comments below if you have subscribed to GlossyBox and what you think of this months box too.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Monday, 5 August 2013

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in 05 a to Zebra

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in 05 a to Zebra
When I got my July GlossyBox I fell in love with everything that I got, especially these Essie nail stickers. They are so easy to apply you simply find the sticker that fits each finger stick it on, press it down and then file around the nail to get it neat and then you are good to go, you could add a top coat if you want then to last and not come off, but I haven;'t had that problem yet.

Bearing in mind the image above is of my nails after around five days, and the fact that in the GlossyBox magazine it says that these stickers last up to ten days, these haven't done so bad. I have had a bath with these on, washed up, done the housework etc. and it doesn't seem to do much damage. There is the odd chip coming through especially on my thumbs but other than that they look pretty good. I would definitely recommend you try these if you are like me and chip nail polish within a few hours or within the first day. They have an assortment to choose from but to be honest I preferred these over the others, but I might give the others a go anyhow. These are £9.99, but when you think about it if it can last up to ten days it's worth it buying them now and again to give your nails a rest from the constant nail polish application. However, there are other brands who have came up with the nail stickers idea too, and may be a little cheaper. If I find any I will definitely give them a try and review them for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

Friday, 2 August 2013

Subscribing to Glossybox - July Edition

July Glossybox

From back left to front right: 
Sleek Make Up Pout Paint in 158 Rosette & 153 Cloud 9 (8 ml),
Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in 05 a to Zebra, Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz (100 ml),
Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (25 ml)& Coola Mineral Sunscreen (7 ml)

Full Size Prices
* Sleek Make Up Pout Paint 8ml - £4.99 at http://www.sleekmakeup.com/
* Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers - £9.99 at http://www.boots.com/ 
* Anatomicals Pray Misty for Me Facial Spritz 100 ml - £6.00 at http://www.anatomicals.net/aliens/
* Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (125 ml) - £23.00 at http://www.lookfantastic.com/home.dept
* Coola Mineral Sunscreen Unscented spf 20 (50 ml) - £29.99 at http://www.amazon.co.uk/

July 2013 GlossyBox - Seaside Splash
Recently I decided to take it upon myself to subscribe to GlossyBox, now for those who are unsure of what this is, this is a monthly subscription box of 5 goodies, some sample sizes, some full size and its all for £10 a month plus p&p. However there are other subscription options available, this is just the one I have.
I have watched GlossyBox openings time and time again on YouTube and thought, why not go for it. I mean it is definitely worth it if you ask me.

I was so excited to see the box on my doorstep and as soon as I got it I opened it. I sort of had an idea of what type of products would be in there but still I love the thrill of getting something new. The first thing I noticed was the Essie nail stickers and straight away I thought yes, I love these already. Next I came across the Anatomicals facial spritz and gave it a whirl, I sprayed it on my face with my eyes shut and it's the coolest and nicest feeling on the skin, leaving you feeling all nice and refreshed. Then came the Bamboo Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist, this is perfect for my already naturally wavy/curly hair and I've gave that a go too and it leaves your hair lovely, bouncy & doesn't weigh the hair down. After this under the streaming paper that is all inside the box, I saw the Sleek Make Up Pout Paints and I loved the pink shade Rosette straight away, I've tried it once or twice and found that a little definitely goes along way and it does stain your lips. I mixed it though later on with the other Pout Paint in the shade Cloud 9 and it made the loveliest light pink colour, I suppose you could make it as dark or as light as you like by mixing these too great shades together. Finally, I saw the face SPF, the Coola Mineral Sunscreen Unscented SPF 20 and I thought this would definitely come in handy for those Summer days. 

Overall, for my first GlossyBox I am extremely pleased with what I got. I mean for £10 a month plus p&p, that's a bargain and as you all know I am all about affordable beauty, so if you are like me and want to try random products out without breaking the bank, I would definitely check out this monthly beauty box.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write about this monthly subscription box, this was brought out of my own money and blogged about at my own free will.

Hoped you enjoyed,
Stacey :D