Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beauty Essentials; Satchel or Small Bag Edition

Bag from Matalan, £6.
Now, sometimes I get cheesed off when I constantly have a medium/large bag on my shoulder or my arm, so most of the time, especially for work, I tend to use a smaller bag. This is helpful in so many ways because I don't have to fumble about trying to find something, picking up a dozen other irrelevant things instead before I even get to the thing I want. So... What beauty essentials do I carry in my smaller bag? Well let's find out.

L-R- Revlon Lip Butter in 'Pink Lemonade' &
 Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Stick in 'Citrus Slice'
Firstly, I can never go anywhere without a lip product or maybe two (sometimes more, whoops). So I tend to put the same ones in there. I tend to take the Revlon Lip Butter 'Pink Lemonade', which I'm sure I have spoken about in the past and is now literally hitting the bottom. The other lip product that I tend to take in my small bag is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Pop Stick in 'Citrus Slice' (reviewed here) and I can tell you, I'm always applying this and it's running out at quite a speed. So those are my lip products that I normally carry with me while sporting a smaller bag.
Mini Perfumes: Versace 'Crystal Noir' & Chopard 'Wish'.
 Body Spray: New Impulse 'Very Pink' 
Next I always, always, always, take a small perfume with me, lately it has been the Next perfume 'Just Pink' and it smells so floral and sweet I love it! Only it has now run out so I'm having to rethink the whole perfume thing. Might use some sample sizes up for a change. Speaking of scents, I cannot leave the house without a body spray and I have recently just used up a Playboy one called 'Play it Sexy'. Not the best scent but it good to freshen up before work or when you have been walking a while. But usually I like Impulse or Charlie sprays. 
Scarlett & Crimson -Face Mattifying Papers and Mirror from random set.
I have to take a pocket mirror everywhere I go in case I have something in my eye, my make up needs touching up (a rare occurrence) or more often than not, a friend needs it. This definitely comes in handy. In the same pocket that I would put my mirror in, I have been carrying blotting papers or oil control sheets which I've mentioned before in a post (linked here). I don't think blotting papers are a must for everyone but they have helped me a treat with oil control on my t-zone area. 

We can't leave the house with a frizzy beehive now can we. Solution? A small compact brush. You can get these in supermarkets, drug stores etc. They can really come in handy for those windy days, when your hair gets all knotted and your fringe goes haywire and off-parting. So a brush is must. Also Bobbles and grips are a must which live in the small inner zip part of my bag. 

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner, 2True 3-in-1 Concealer & LUSH Charity Pot.
To be honest in a small bag you don't need much. I occasionally put a small sample pot of LUSH's 'Charity Pot' in my small bag in case of a dry hands emergency, and if I'm going out somewhere I may need to touch up my make up, I sometimes take a concealer and eye liner in there and pop it in the side pocket. All my make up products live in the side pocket or the small pocket at the front and all the rest not including my phone, headphones, purse and keys goes in the middle/main part. I believe it's all in how you arrange your bag as to what you can fit in there.  

I hope this helped all you small-bag-loving-girls out there and helped you figure out what beauty essentials you want in your bag. 

Thanks for reading,
Stacey :)

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