Monday, 5 August 2013

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in 05 a to Zebra

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in 05 a to Zebra
When I got my July GlossyBox I fell in love with everything that I got, especially these Essie nail stickers. They are so easy to apply you simply find the sticker that fits each finger stick it on, press it down and then file around the nail to get it neat and then you are good to go, you could add a top coat if you want then to last and not come off, but I haven;'t had that problem yet.

Bearing in mind the image above is of my nails after around five days, and the fact that in the GlossyBox magazine it says that these stickers last up to ten days, these haven't done so bad. I have had a bath with these on, washed up, done the housework etc. and it doesn't seem to do much damage. There is the odd chip coming through especially on my thumbs but other than that they look pretty good. I would definitely recommend you try these if you are like me and chip nail polish within a few hours or within the first day. They have an assortment to choose from but to be honest I preferred these over the others, but I might give the others a go anyhow. These are £9.99, but when you think about it if it can last up to ten days it's worth it buying them now and again to give your nails a rest from the constant nail polish application. However, there are other brands who have came up with the nail stickers idea too, and may be a little cheaper. If I find any I will definitely give them a try and review them for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

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