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Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eye Liner and Eye Shadow - Metallic Purple

Jelly Pong Pong  2-in-1 Eye Liner & Shadow,
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You might have seen this eye liner & eye shadow stick in my August GlossyBox post and I mentioned I was going to give it a try, well try I did. Firstly let me just say I love the colour, a metallic purple with a dose of shimmer through it. I love purple but my problem is when I use purple on the eyes, it makes me look like I have just been in a fight. Black eyes aren't a good look for me, but the fact that this is 2-in-1 is just great. As you might have already guessed if you are familiar with my blog posts, is that I love eye liner, it's my thing and a weakness. So I was happy with the multi use idea.
Left- as eye shadow, Right- as eye liner

Applied as Eye Liner: 
I applied this to my lower lashes and found that it gave a nice subtle look, with the dark lilac colour really emphasising my green eyes, with the shimmer and metallics making my eyes look more awake. However, one thing I did notice is that it can be a bugger to put on as it has a weird texture. This is because in order for it to be 2-in-1 as an eye liner and eye shadow it has to have a waxy texture. Another thing was that it definitely isn't long wearing and soon was down my face, I looked a little panda-ish. Other than that I enjoy the colour and how it looks, but not so keen on the texture or the durability of the product as an eye liner.

Applied as an Eye Shadow:
Now, I probably won't be using this product as an eye shadow, personally because purple eye shadows do not suit me and results in the black eye look as I spoke of earlier, but for the purposes of this review and for you guys to know for yourself what it is like, so if you wanted to buy it you could, I thought I would go ahead and test it as an eye shadow anyhow.

I applied the eye shadow and well... I'm not impressed to be honest. Definitely not the right eye shadow for me. What I did was apply the chunky pencil all over the eyelid and with a blending brush blended the eye shadow to get a smokey sort of look. One thing I noticed straight away, other than me looking like I have been punched in the eye, is the product becoming a little bitty over the lid. This put me off straight away. One thing I would say is that the consistency of the product isn't great. It states it has different waxes and pigmentations to create the 'perfectly-blended eye shadow', now that, I can't really agree with. Even though it is waxy you couldn't wear this by itself, it would work perfectly for a base though as it would help other eye shadows stick better. But if you have eyelids that crease easily this wouldn't last two minutes as eye shadow alone.

What can I say? This is a decent an eye liner, It's a great pop of colour but not too great in terms of durability. As an eye shadow, I don't think it's so great. It rubs off easily, isn't a great colour for me (might be for someone else), goes bitty on the eyes and it claims to be an eye shadow, when really I think it's more of a base. I wouldn't mind trying the other colours that are available but this colour is a bit meh. as an eye shadow for me.

Hope you enjoyed,
Stacey :D

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