Monday, 19 August 2013

The Over Application.

The Over Application: What I have been using lately:
Foundation- MUA Matte Perfect in fair, Powder- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 003 Peach Glow
& Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba.
I think we can all admit at some point in our make-up life time that we have, let's just say, exaggerated on the make-up front. Well I know I have. I look back at photographs and think of the times when I over did it on the foundation or the blush or even the mascara. But don't fear I have a few tips that have helped me out and that may help you too. So if you're interested keep on reading :).

One tip I would firstly say when applying foundation is to use a pea size amount for a decent amount of coverage. This in turns helps if you have blemishes or areas which need more coverage which you can then build up on if need be. I normally put a pea size amount on my forefinger then dab a little on the inner parts of my face; the cheeks, the nose, the t-zone area and the chin. Once I have done this the best way I find to apply foundation is with a brush to give that natural finish that looks less cakey.

Blusher. Well let me just say walking around public places I have seen my fair share of blusher over- application and to be honest sometimes I can over do it on the blush too. I find that the easiest way to apply blusher (in my case powder blusher) is to first dab lightly into the blusher pot with a blusher brush and then tap of the excess, the same applies for the blusher as I said for the foundation, if the look isn't what you want, you can build it up, but this way you save yourself from having very pink cheeks and occasionally head turns.

Sometimes I find that I go all out on powder. I have oily skin so the more mattified the better. But in fact this isn't always the case, I do over-powder at times and my face feels yack! I go to walk out of the house and have to wipe a little off with a tissue or use blotting paper. My powder is translucent, but up close you can see the powder sitting on the face which shouldn't be the case. So what I would suggest is to swirl your powder brush in the pot then tap off the excess, then powder the t-zone if you have oily skin and dab to make the matte look last longer. (Phew, tongue twister).

Finally, this one I have done one too many times and sometimes it does creep back in to action. Mascara gone wrong. Sometimes I just want my eyelashes so big, but what I forget is that I have quite long, curly lashes luckily, but I carry on nether the less and I apply one too many coats. I do this so much that I can't even work with what I have created and have to use my nails to scrape it off the unwanted mascara. One way to avoid this, as I have found out, is always start from the root of the lashes so it doesn't clump, use the tip of the wand to separate the lashes if need be and finally, why not use eyelash curlers?

It's silly at times to think we forget these things, but to be honest we all have those days. I hope you enjoyed these little tips, because watching YouTube Guru's and reading blogs over the years have helped me realise and minimise. So I hope that this has been as helpful to you too.

Thanks for reading,
Stacey :D

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