Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bamboo Style - Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist

Bamboo Style - Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
From July Glossybox 2013
I've decided today to review a hair product, which is a little bit different to my usual posts regarding make up and skin care, I wanted to mix it up a little you see. So I hope you like it. You may recognise this item from my July Glossy Box post and I thought that now I have used nearly half of it, it was in need of reviewing. So let's get started shall we? 

Firstly I would point out that when I subscribed to Glossy Box, I put down that I have curly/wavy hair in the questioned it asked me, which I do, so this item may well be better for that sort of hair type. I've used this quite a few times on the odd occasion over the past two months and can honestly say I really like it. It is light weight in your hair, smells rather nice and does give you tousled waves or more defined tousled waves in my case. One thing I would say about this though, is that it doesn't stay in for too long and if it is rainy or windy this is going to drop out, but I suppose a bit of hairspray would do the trick. All you do is spray this root to tip onto dry or damp hair and run your fingers through it and scrunch it a little to get the desired look. But personally I couldn't put it in my roots due to my hair becoming greasy, but you guys can go ahead and do that if you like, but it gave the same effect nonetheless. I do like this product but to be honest it's nothing that a little bit of mouse and hair spray can't do, that may make me a little old school. However, I did enjoy using this mist as it's something different. 

I hope you enjoyed this hair related post, isn't it nice to have a change from the usual make up and skin care posts once in a while? If you have any suggestions on what I should try or blog about next, please leave a comment below, it would be much appreciated and would make my day :)

Stacey :D

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