Friday, 6 September 2013

Purity 3-in-1 cleanser for face & eyes by Philosophy 30ml

Purity 3-in-1 cleanser for face & eyes by Philosophy
30 ml sample from August Glossybox 

In my August Glossybox which you can see reviewed here, I received this sample bottle (30 ml) of the Purity cleanser for face & eyes by Philosophy. Now I have heard so much about the Philosophy brand and was extremely excited to try this little number. I believe I have read up on this cleanser and YouTubers and Bloggers have raved about this and I wanted to know if it was worth the hype. I can actually say it isn't in my opinion. Sorry you lovers of this product out there. But here is why.

Let's speak of the negatives first, the product itself is very oily on the skin. I squirted a little on a cotton pad and wiped it over my clean face. It does foam up and does cleanse the skin don't get me wrong, but it just leaves a horrible oily residue feel to my skin. Now you all know if you follow my blog that I have oily skin so this didn't really agree with my skin type and that's a definite deal breaker for me. On to the positives though, I love the smell, it reminds me of the antibiotics we used to have as kids, the banana scented one, can you remember it? It smells divine. I would say whilst on the face it can be seen as greasy, it does however, work a treat to remove stubborn eye make up, so I suppose that's an upside.

All in all I would say that for oily skin types this isn't so great for the face as a cleanser, it does remove dirt and whatever, but it leaves an oily residue on the face. But as an eye make up remover, it's brilliant. I suppose this would be a great little sample bottle to take travelling as a quick cleanser fix, but I think I'll stick to the B.Pure cleanser which I have been using for months (reviewed here).

Hope you guys enjoyed,
Stacey :D

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