Friday, 1 November 2013

L'oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash

L'oréal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash (With Salicylic Acid)
£2.99 Fragrance Direct: 
Hey Folks! Long time, no blogging, right? Sorry for my absence, it's all been a bit hectic, I think you can all relate at some time or another. But here's a blog post for you, I have few more post coming in bulk too, to make up for my month absence. Anyway with that said, let's get started shall we.

Well... let me first say that I absolutely love this product. I mean it just makes your face feel amazing and fresh and with it being slightly cheaper because it is off Fragrance Direct, you can't complain either. I like to use this on a morning and in the bath, if I have a relaxing morning soak. I really like the idea of the brush that comes with it, it help the product buff into the skin with its soft plastic bristles (and they are soft not harsh in the slightest), to get that deep clean. All you do is wet you face, then add a little product to the brush and then in circular motion go all around the face. This will literally rub off any left over make up that a wipe doesn't get and leaves your pores on your face looking smaller and your face shinning with cleanliness. 

I would definitely recommend this product, it lasts quite a while and is considerably cheap, if you go on Fragrance Direct like I did. Not only that I think the idea of the brush and going in circular motions is a lot more fun than a harsh scrub, however, scrubs are good too, but sometimes your skin wants a break from all the harsh scrubbing.

Hope you like this post, I have a few more coming your way and I will be a little more on the ball with blogging now that the hectic stuff is a over a little. 

Stacey :D

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